Term Sukuk

Term Sukuk


Are you searching for an investment opportunity that's both flexible and Shari’a compliant, tailored to your convenience? Look no further.


Our Term Sukuk is a versatile plan that puts you in control. Simply decide whether you prefer a 3, 6, 9 or 1-year investment, and you're on your way to enjoying some of the market's most compelling profits.


What sets us apart? Our anticipated returns are updated every week, ensuring you always receive the most attractive returns whenever you decide to invest.


Here are some key benefits you'll enjoy:


  • Choose the time period of your choice, including 3, 6, 9-month, or 1-year options.
  • Begin your investment journey with AED 10,000.
  • Enjoy in regular profit distributions both on a quarterly basis and at maturity.
  • Rest assured with capital protection as per the National Bonds Mudaraba Structure.


Invest in your future with Term Sukuk, where flexibility, returns, and convenience converge.

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