Historical Profit Rates | National Bonds Corporation - Dubai UAE

Facts and Figures

A snapshot of how we did in 2019:

62,500 bondholders were rewarded a market-shattering AED 38 Million in prizes (from the Mudareb’s own funds) as part of their saving journey with National Bonds.

8 Bondholders won a life-changing reward of AED 1 million each in 2019, making it a total of 186 millionaires since inception.

Our Regular Savers Portfolio grew by almost 13% testimony of the positive response from our savings awareness campaign.

102 companies (Public / Private Sector) are now enrolled in our Employee Savings Programme which will be further expanded with the strategic tie up with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.

In addition to the profit, customers also won draw prizes and received loyalty bonus based on amount invested and frequency of investments.

The Return on Investment is determined based on the profit earned, discretionary bonus and prizes won.

The chart below gives an example of possible earnings of various customer segments during 2019 across our Savings as well as Investment offerings.

Our Assets under Management increased by 9% to AED 7.8 billion.

We successfully launched more than 11 savings and investment programs to fulfil our customers needs.

As part of our ongoing efforts to promote a savings culture, National Bonds introduced “THE MULTIPLIER 1 CAMPAIGN”, the biggest in its history, as added incentive for customers to save more and secure their financial wellbeing. Customers had the chance to multiply their entries by up to 40 times in the rewards programme. And one of our savers drove away in a BMW 8 series while 19,431 others won cash prizes worth more than AED 5,543,500 and a further 100 won gold coins.

We took savings into different neighborhoods and added Al Ain to the list of our active branches. We also opened another business branch in Dubai - JLT within the Hello Business Hub - Etisalat and our Sahara Mall branch in Sharjah will be opening soon.

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