Historical Profit Rates | National Bonds Corporation - Dubai UAE

Facts and Figures

In 2021, 69,639 bondholders were rewarded prizes (from the Mudarib’s own funds) as part of their savings journey with National Bonds.

Eight bondholders won a life-changing reward of AED 1 million each in 2021, making it a total of 206 millionaires since inception, while 16 other customers won16 luxury cars to cruise off in style.

National Bonds saw a growth of 17% in the female segment portfolio in 2021, and the minors portfolio grew by 7%, which is testament to a positive cultural shift in savings behavior. We are proud to have been drivers of this change.

As a UAE based company, we offer Emiratis a savings account exclusively crafted for them. The UAE Nationals portfolio grew by 18%, which is supported by the Tejouri program amongst other promotions, exclusively for Emirati bondholders, with dedicated car and cash prizes.

Our Mudaraba Investments increased by 36%, totaling AED 11.8 billion, which is evidence of our bondholders’ confidence in us. The increase was not National Bonds’ only achievement; the company is proud to continue to maintain its market leading position in terms of the healthy returns offered to our diverse client base last year.

In addition to the profit, bondholders also won draw prizes and received loyalty bonuses based on their invested amount and savings behavior.

The chart illustrates an example of expected earnings of various customer segments during 2021 across our offerings.

There was a fantastic 41% increase in digital savers, which is a result of the enhanced and adaptive app and exclusive promotions such as FLASH SAVE, weekly iPhone and Treasure Trove to name a few. Bondholders can also save without limits via their credit/debit card and bank transfers instantly, plus get first-hand information about our latest campaigns, at their fingertips.

Our mission to always offer innovative services to our bondholders, was the driving force behind our multiple 2021 offerings. The Global Savings Club, the first savings club in the nation, was launched for members of the public and private sector to opt for unique savings plans that were goal based. Payout was launched, which offers customers groundbreaking profit opportunities such as 8% per annum in expected returns for the first 6 months. Our USD Certificates still offer customers the opportunity to diversify their portfolio, while earning exceptionally competitive returns on the U.S. dollar. These products provided flexibility, customizability, plus the safety of capital protection.

Before anything else, our customers come first. All year we have strived to offer them the most innovative products, exciting prizes and customizable opportunities to grow their wealth.

We gifted the Tesla Model X as part of the 2020 Multiplier campaign, and 3 Mercedes Benz as part of the 2021 Multiplier. Additionally, customers from diverse segments drove off with 16 luxury cars in 2021.

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