Want to supercharge your returns and outpace the market? EIBOR Plus allows you to earn 0.5% p.a. more than the 3-month EIBOR as expected profit.  If today’s 3-month EIBOR rate is 5.3% p.a., then your investment will earn you 5.8% p.a. So, invest now to earn more than those around you. As the market rate changes quarterly, your earnings will continue to grow at a faster pace than others. 

Why invest in EIBOR Plus?

Our EIBOR based investment solution uses the 3-Month EIBOR rate as the underlying benchmark and distributes 0.5% p.a. expected profit on top of the benchmark performance.

As EIBOR reacts to market dynamics, your investment will allow your expected profit rate to capture the EIBOR rate change on quarterly basis.

EIBOR Plus gives you a unique way to diversify your investment portfolio. 

How much can I invest?

You can start with only AED 25,000 and enjoy the benefits of EIBOR Plus.

What are EIBOR Plus benefits?

  • Receive 3-month EIBOR+ 0.5% p.a. for a tenor of up to 3 years
  • Quarterly profit payout in line with EIBOR rates
  • Capital protected and Shari’a compliant investment
  • Flexibility to redeem

Applicable on fresh funds only.

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