Saving Bonds

Saving Bonds

Keen to start saving but can’t afford to put aside a huge check of your income towards a savings plan? No problem.

With Saving Bonds, you have the flexibility of choosing to save for your future in a comfortable manner that suits your lifestyle. How? By using Saving Certificates.

Saving Certificates are an affordable option allowing you to start saving with as little as AED 100.  With Saving Certificates being available in units of AED 10, you can choose to alter your saving amounts to suit your needs, either by increasing it to AED 150 a month, or holding back a little with AED 120 the next.

Dirham a day

Purchasing a Saving Certificate is the easiest way to start your savings journey, with the most flexible of eligibility criteria:

  1. You are either 21 years of age or older
  2. You are a parent/ legal guardian purchasing the certificate on behalf of a minor
  3. You live in the UAE and have a valid passport, residence visa or Emirates ID
  4. You reside abroad but have a valid passport and entry stamp

What’s more? When you save with National Bonds, you have the opportunity to enjoy yearly profits and entry into the National Bonds AED 35 Million Rewards Program.

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