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Frequently Asked Questions

About National Bonds

Who Owns National Bonds?

The company is 100% owned by Government of Dubai, ICD (Investment Corporation of Dubai).

What is National Bonds Corporation Sole Proprietorship PSC?

National Bonds Corporation (“NBC”) is a savings and investment company in the UAE, established in March 2006. The company provides UAE nationals, UAE residents,non-residents as well as corporations with an opportunity to build and fortify their savings and investments. It is structured as a private joint stock company with a single shareholder.

Working hours for branches and call center?

Our branches and call center working hours are available at the following link

Branches and head office locations & direct numbers

Our branches locations & direct numbers are available at the following link

Who are board members?

Please refer to the following link

How much is National Bonds Capital?

National Bonds was established in March 2006 with a paid-up capital of AED 150 million.

How To Apply

How can I apply for National Bonds?

It's really very simple. Visit any of our nearly 556 outlets, leading exchange houses and banks to become part of the National Bonds family. 

You can purchase bonds online at or via our number 600 522 279 by calling our direct sales team or visiting National Bonds office.

Who can buy National Bonds?

UAE residents as well as non-residents are eligible to purchase National Bonds. The minimum age requirement to purchase National Bonds is 21 years, unless purchased by a father/legal guardian on behalf of a minor.

What identification do I need to apply for National Bonds?

  1.  UAE resident: You will be required to present a True Copy of your valid Passport along with the Visa Page or Emirates ID. Where the application is for a minor, identification for both the minor and the father/legal guardian will have to be provided.
  2. Visitors and non UAE resident: You must provide a True Copy of your Passport with the Visit Visa Page / Entry Stamp. Where the application is for a minor, identification for both the minor and the father/legal guardian will have to be provided.

How many National Bonds can I buy?

You can purchase as many saving certificates as you wish. There is no maximum limit on how much you can purchase. However, the minimum required purchase of National Bonds is AED 100 (10 units of AED 10).

When do I receive my National Bonds Saving certificates?

For cash and credit card purchases made at National Bonds exchange houses, banks and Emirates Post offices (cash only), the saving certificates are issued immediately. For cheque purchases, the issuance of saving certificates will be after cheque clearance which takes 5 to 7 working days.

How do I access my National Bonds account online?

You can log in to your account at by using your Customer Account Number (CAN) and Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you don't have a CAN and PIN, please contact 600 522 279 to activate your online account.

Are there any subscription fees applicable for purchasing bonds?

Saving Bonds are subject to a deferred-payment subscription fee at the Company’s absolute discretion.

In case of payment through credit or debit card, the subscription fee is applicable and payable at the time of Saving Bonds redemption and waived if Saving Bonds complete 24 months holding period. The subscription fee is 2% (min of AED 15) of the redeemed Saving Bonds value and will be deducted from the redemption amount.

In case of recurring number of monthly payment mandate, the subscription fee of 0.5% (min of AED 15) of the withdrawn amount in case of redemption  or cancellation of plan before completing 12 monthly payments.

Is there any Minimum balance requirement and fee?

National Bonds is the one of the only savings accounts in the region with no minimum balance fees. That means you can save however much you wish, whenever you can. However, we recommend to save a minimum of AED 1,000 or become a regular saver to enjoy the benefits of our AED 35 Million Rewards Program.


What is the profit rate announced by National Bonds for 2022?

The profit rate varies from customer to customer based on:

  1. Amount of Holding
  2. Period of Holding
  3. Frequency of Bonds Purchased
  4. Type of Product

In addition to the profit, customers also won draw prizes and received loyalty bonus based on amount invested and frequency of savings.

The chart below gives an example of possible earnings achieved by customer segment during 2022 across our savings as well as investment offerings.