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Rewards Program

New Rewards Program:

Here, at National Bonds, it’s always winning season. And now, our Rewards Program has just become even more exciting. We’re talking more winning categories, 16 luxury cars, more prizes.

That’s AED 35 million in rewards to be won every year.

There are exclusive prizes for Emiratis and Expats including a grand prize of AED 1 million for 2 winners each, every three months and over 423,000 in prizes per year, with dedicated prizes for ladies, minors and Regular Savers. So, all year round, customers know they have a chance to win.

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How are the rewards distributed?

Our Rewards Program offers exclusive prizes, so customers have a chance to win, all year round.

  1. Segmented rewards for UAE Nationals and expatriates
  2. Number of chances in a single draw based on saving method or bond holdings
  3. Exclusive rewards for Regular Savers, ladies and minors
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How do I increase my winning chances?

The more you save, and the LONGER you save, the more chances you have. That is because once your bond begins its journey, it continues to offer you more chances as it moves along, gaining strength month by month.

We also have special plans which reward consistent savings. Here are some ways you can increase your chances:

1. Increase the value of your bonds:

  • 2 chances per bond when you join Prestige Bronze with investment of AED 50,000 to less than AED 150,000
  • 3 chances per bond when you join Prestige Silver with investment of AED 150,000 to less than AED 350,000
  • 4 chances per bond when you join Prestige Gold with investment of AED 350,000 and above

2. Set up a regular savings plan such as myPlan or Employee Savings Program to ensure a long-term savings commitment. Plus, you’ll receive:

  • 2 chances per bond for 11 monthly payments
  • 3 chances per bond for 12 to 23 monthly payments
  • 4 chances per bond for minimum 24 monthly payments

If the car is unavailable at the dealership within seven days of the customer’s winning date, in that case, National Bonds reserves the right to transfer the equivalent value of the car into the winning customer’s account as savings bonds.

Winners must claim their prizes within 60 days from the draw date. Otherwise, they will be unable to collect the prizes.

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