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Rewards Program

Feel the rush of mind-blowing winning moments!

Introducing 2024 National Bonds Rewards Program, where your savings become your key to a gate of epic prizes. Expect more variety, more value, and more ways to win than ever before.

AED 35.5 million in prizes a year? 16 different high-end cars? 365 iPhones? AED 8 million for 8 winners? Yes, please! Unwrap a treasure of rewards with every step you take on your savings journey!

Everything is meticulously crafted to reward your dedication to saving with unparalleled benefits. Emiratis, expats, women, children, Prestige members, and regular and digital savers – everyone gets a shot at winning big throughout the year. This isn't just a rewards program, it's your chance to unlock a world of possibilities.


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How rewards are distributed

Our Rewards Program offers exclusive prizes, so customers have a chance to win, all year round. 

  • Segmented rewards for UAE Nationals and expatriates
  • Number of chances in a single draw is based on bond holdings, with multiple opportunities to increase them every month
  • Exclusive rewards for regular savers, digital savers, Prestige members, women, and minors

2024 Rewards Program Eligibility

How to increase your winning chances

Unlock the power of saving and watch your chances increase! The longer your savings journey, the more chances it brings your way, growing stronger year by year. We will give you free entries to the draw every month and additional winning chances for adding fresh funds.

Here's how you can amp up your winning game:

1. Increase your savings:


2. Maintain your savings:

  • Get advance extra draw entries monthly based on bond age.

Don't miss out on the chance to unwrap incredible rewards. It's time to turn your savings journey into a thrilling adventure! Set up your account, save, and watch prizes pile up!

Winners must claim their prizes within 60 days from the draw date. Otherwise, they will be unable to collect the prizes. To know more about the rewards program eligibility and chances, click here 
For Terms & Conditions Click here