The Global Savings Club

The Global Savings Club

THE GLOBAL SAVINGS CLUB helps your company provide your staff with financial independence.

This initiative, in line with the UAE leadership’s vision, encourages a culture of savings and prosperity for employees across roles and companies. Once they sign up, employees can avail the benefits of a savings account which helps them fortify their savings safety net and enrich their future.

The benefits your company receives: 
• Spread a culture of savings among the employees to enhance their well-being & enhance their satisfaction
• Customizable savings plans for employees in all salary brackets
• Enhanced loyalty and retention among employees
• Competitive profit rate and extra chances vs. the normal savings plan for participating employees
• Simple & Digital onboarding journey 

The benefits your employee receives: 

  • A defined-benefit plan with highly attractive ROI & Capital Protection.
  • Buy multiple packages as per their choice to reach their dream savings goal.
  • High rewards chances of up to 20 times in the Rewards Program.
  • Highly competitive returns.

Monthly Savings Plans your employees can avail:
GSC Packages-01

People work so they can have a brighter future and be able to make their dreams and hopes come true.

Now, for the first time in the region’s history, National Bonds, in partnership with the Dubai Quality Group (DQG), has launched The UAE SAVINGS CLUB.

The club’s purpose is perfectly in the leadership’s mission for 2021 and will provide savers the unique opportunity to fortify their safety net and secure their future.

Employee benefits:

  • Access to an exciting AED35.5 Million Rewards Program 
  • Achieve financial freedom and wealth accumulation via investment & savings programs
  • Additional Dedicated prizes for The UAE Savings Club
  • Competitive profit rate and extra chances vs. the normal savings plan
  • Free financial literary sessions conducted on a regular basis