Second Salary

Second Salary

Your employees can now reap much more with Second Salary.  

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could offer your employees a future additional income, in an instant?

Our newest, most innovative solution allows your employees to save monthly for a tenor of their choice, ranging from 3-10 years, after which they can enjoy the returns, monthly reinvested, as per their selected period of time.

As their savings tenor progresses, they will continue to earn highly competitive profit rate and get full entry in our AED 35 million Rewards Program draws. When their savings period ends, they will begin to receive their principle and profit, monthly, as per their selected income period duration. 

  • Starting from just AED 1,000 monthly
  • Option to contribute on behalf of the employee
  • Help your employee’s retirement planning and increase their morale
  • Utilize the program as a retention tool for your employees
  • Competitive expected profit rate of 2.95% p.a., reinvested monthly, for the whole duration of their tenor
  • Full entry in the AED 35.5 million Rewards Program
  • Entry into the exclusive monthly draw for regular savers with winnings of AED 5,000 for 10 winners, AED 500 for 60 winners, and AED 50 for 5,000.
  • Lump sum investment option to boost their monthly income
  • Flexibility to customize your own plan
  • Option to redeem at any time after 90 days.
  • Subscription fee waived upon completion of 3 years

  • Capital protected as per fatwa