Golden Pension Plan

Golden Pension Plan

A unique & customized proposition for corporates to enhance the value of their employee’s “End of Service”.

The Golden Pension Plan (“GPP”) is a new initiative by National Bonds that allows companies to provide financial care and benefits to its employees in a cost-convenient manner. The plan is designed to accommodate companies with large employee base and provides a customizable solution with flexibility on the type and form of financial care it wishes to arrange for employees. 
Companies can contribute a lump sum or monthly deposits either from or on behalf of their employees such as the End of Service fund etc. The deposits will be placed in GPP while applicable profit & rewards will be distributed to the employees with controls of fund resting with the Company.


Benefits to the Company
• Attractive and unique structure for EOSB placements
• Control and visibility on the staff product account
• Company control over all contributions
• Can be used as an employee retention tool
• Enhanced employee morale
• Lump sum and monthly deposit flexibility
• Highly competitive profit rates on employee contributions
• Employees participation into NBC’s AED 35 million Rewards Program
• Option to get employees enrollment for Life Takaful
• No SF/admin fees/processing fees
• Shari’a compliant

Benefits to the Employee

 • Affordable monthly contributions
• Highly competitive profit rates
• Visibility over their EOSB amount, profit returns & winnings
• Entry into all prizes of the NBC AED 35 million Rewards Program
• Chances to become a millionaire
• Option to get Life Takaful
• Option to sign up for NBC’s other products for more benefits
• Shari’a Complaint & Capital Protected
• Transparency on profit calculation and holdings