Education Plan

Secure their future, today.

Children have big hopes and dreams. Sometimes they want to be a scientist, sometimes an artist, and sometimes an astronaut, flying off into space.

The Education Plan by National Bonds provides an opportunity to save, bit by bit, over the years, assuring your child’s education.

Our plan is globally protected by Salama.

  • We know life can be unexpected. But with this plan, you’re covered against unforeseen circumstances such as death or permanent total disability.
  • It comes with a Takaful policy*, which will give your child the pre-decided school and university fees, for the rest of the term, hassle-free.

The way it works.

  • Tiny, scheduled, monthly installments into the plan.
  • And the best bit? The premium payment is only required for up to 50% of the Takaful term and becomes absolutely free, after. For example, if you have a 10-year plan, you’ll only have to pay for the first 5 years.

What’s even better?

Your account will be eligible for entry into our rewards program**.

How do I get started and sign up for the Education Plan?

Three easy-peasy steps:

1.               Decide your payment amount and total planned tenure.

2.               Complete Education Plan forms along with the Direct Debit form.

3.               Submit the form by calling 600 522279 or request your Relationship Manager to arrange for collection.

For example, if you’re looking to save AED 200,000 in 10 years, all you have to do is start by saving AED 1,787 monthly. You’ll walk away with AED 239,000 (including expected profit and bonuses) and your plan will be completely covered, globally.

Education Plan Table E

Bonus is calculated on cumulative average contribution.

Disclaimer: Expected profit payout is based on the yearly Mudaraba pool performance. Bonus will be paid on the sole discretion of Mudarib from Mudarib’s share.


Saving* - For your child’s college/university fee.

  • Monthly Payment.
  • Plan duration: 3 to 10 years.
  • Expected profit per year.
  • Additional expected 1% incremental bonus up to 10% calculated on cumulative average contribution (behavior-based i.e. no redemption during the year).
  • Initial investment: Customer can inject or start the plan with some initial investment to get a higher expected bonus.
  • Flexibility:
  • Easy entry or exit.
  • Subscription fee waiver after the first 12-month payments.
  • Fantastic rewards and additional chances in our draws.
  • The distribution of the bonus and profit will be done via the issuance of regular savings bonds. You can then enjoy the benefits of savings bonds, as well!

Takaful* - Covering education continuity & target university fee. 

  • Ensuring your child’s education continuity in case of 2 scenarios affecting the policy holder (parent/guardian):
    • Death due to any cause as per Takaful terms and conditions.
    • Permanent Total Disability.
  • Should the policy holder suffer any of the above, the following will apply:
    • Declared annual school fees will be paid for the remaining term.
    • Declared university/college costs paid for the remaining plan term.
  • Global life and Permanent Total Disability (PTD) covers until the end of the plan.
  • Premium Payment is only required for up to 50% of the Takaful term but offers full cover until plan completion.
  • The plan issued will have no changes in the Takaful terms and conditions until the end of the plan.

**Disclaimer: Prizes are distributed at the sole discretions of the mudareb & from its own funds.

Mudareb shall not be liable except in case of negligence or misconduct.

Draws are conducted electronically & randomly under the supervision of Dubai Economic Department. Exclusive rewards for UAE Nationals and Expats.

*Takaful /Protection Plan is offered by Islamic Arab Insurance Company - SALAMA exclusively for National Bonds Customers and it is subject to their approval.

Terms & Conditions of Takaful Policy shall apply.

Savings Terms & Conditions apply.

Any claim shall be directed to the Islamic Arab Insurance Company - SALAMA. National Bonds will not be held responsible for any claims.

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