Education Plan

Education Plan

Secure their future, today.
Children have big hopes and dreams. Sometimes they want to be a scientist, sometimes an artist, and sometimes an astronaut, flying off into space.

Save a little now to secure your child’s dreams with our Education Plan and earn high expected profits, as well as rewards. With our plan, you will also receive Life & Permanent Total Disability (PTD) coverage, globally, so your child’s future is completely secure.

Best feature? This is a capital preserved plan.
This means that when you invest your savings, they’re persevered, making this plan low risk and stress-free for all.

For example, if you are 40 years old and looking to save AED 200,000 for your child’s college/university fee, including global Life and PTD coverage, you need to save as per the table below:

Education Plan Leaflet October-03

This table will help you calculate the tenure and amount.

Disclaimer:    Expected profit payout is based on the yearly Mudaraba pool performance.
Bonus will be paid on the sole discretion of Mudareb from Mudareb’s share.

Features & Benefits:

Saving* - For your child’s college/university fee.

•    Monthly payment of a minimum of AED 200.
•    Plan duration: 3 to 10 years.
•    Initial investment: Start your plan with some initial investment (up to AED 1,000,000) to get a higher expected bonus.
•    Flexibility: Easy entry or exit (subscription fee waiver after the first 12-monthly payments).

Education Plan Leaflet October-04

Bonus is calculated on cumulative average contribution.

Additional advantages:

You will get up to 4 chances to win per bond in the National Bonds AED 35 Million Rewards Program.

Takaful* - Covering your child’s college/university fee in case of unforeseen circumstances – offered by Noor Takaful.

•    Ensuring the child’s college/university savings amount in case of PTD and death of the policy holder (parent/guardian).
•    Global coverage.
•    Pay premium payments of up to half of the tenure and get coverage for the full Takaful term. For example, pay the premium for 5 years and get 10 years coverage.
•    There will be no changes in the Takaful T&Cs until the end of plan.

Give little dreams, a big reality.

**Disclaimer: Prizes are distributed at the sole discretion of the mudareb & from its own funds. Mudareb shall not be liable except in case of negligence or misconduct. Draws are conducted electronically & randomly under the supervision of Dubai Economic Department. Exclusive rewards for UAE Nationals and Expats.

*Takaful/Protection Plan is offered by Noor Takaful exclusively for National Bonds customers and it is subject to their approval. Any claim shall be directed to Noor Takaful, National Bonds shall not be held responsible for any claims.

Takaful policy T&Cs shall apply.
Savings T&Cs apply

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