Booster 10

Booster 10

Times are changing, so why not go for the opportunity of the year? Now.

Introducing Booster 10. The easiest way to earn up to 10% in just 3 years, with a minimum investment of AED 10,000.

This plan is flexible and offers market competitive returns.

booster 10 E

Key Benefits:

Investment opportunity starting from just AED 10,000.

• Profit payout is quarterly for your convenience.

• Expected profit rate starts from 1.75% per annum in Q1 of year 1 and ends up with 5.25% in the last quarter of year 3, resulting in an expected 3.33% average per annum on completion of 3 years.

• Flexibility to redeem your investment any time after the 30-days lock in period.

• No subscription or redemption fee.

• Entry into 8 Millionaire draws and 16 luxury car draws, yearly.

• Our enhanced mobile app makes it easy to manage your portfolio online.

• Shari’a compliant Mudaraba Agreement.

• Bonds can be pledged in favour of selected Islamic Financial Institutions to avail financing.

Booster 10 will run for a limited time period.*

Terms and conditions apply.

*Offer available for a limited time at the discretion of National Bonds.

- Prizes are distributed at the sole discretions of the Mudareb & from its own funds. Mudareb shall not be liable except in case of negligence or misconduct.

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