Emergency Savings Plan

Emergency Savings Plan

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.
By saving for it.
Introducing the Emergency Savings Plan by National Bonds, which allows you to save, so when tomorrow comes you know you’ve got a safety net ready for you.
This plan is flexible, low risk & Shariah compliant, as well as offers competitive expected rate of returns. Plus, you can also opt for Life, Critical Illness & Home Content Takaful* coverage at very competitive rates. 

Plan Highlights:

Cumulative Savings.
Highly competitive expected returns.
Entry to our AED 35 Million Rewards Program.
Capital protection**.
Waiver of Minimum Balance Fees.
No hidden charges.

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*Takaful /Insurance Plan is offered by Noor Takaful exclusively for National Bonds Customers and it is subject to their approval.
** As Per Fatwa
Minimum investment to start is AED 200.
Terms & Conditions of Takaful Policy shall apply.
Savings Terms & Conditions apply.

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