The Multiplier

The Multiplier

The MULTIPLIER is here to give your savings a much-deserved boost.


That means, until 2nd January 2023, you can take your draw entries all the way to 80 TIMES as compared to before The Multiplier!


The best bit? You can level up your entries into the millions* to win EXCLUSIVE prizes, such as a luxury electric car and weekly iPhone 14s**, as well as the Rewards Program prizes such 3 Teslas, 1 Nissan Patrol Super Safari and over AED 6 million in cash prizes, in addition to the AED 1 million prize for 2 winners each.


This campaign is exclusive to those who maintain their savings, so make sure you continue to do so to enjoy multiplied entries*** into our November 2022, December 2022 & January 2023 draws.


Go for a savings boost, go for the Multiplier.


*Based on the amount saved

**Minimum 10% top up in Saving Bonds

***Entries multiplication is applicable on Saving Bonds only. Refer to T&Cs for further details

Apply Online.