2-Year Booster

2-Year Booster

Give your investments the boost they’ve been looking for.

Introducing the 2-Year Booster, which offers you expected returns of up to 6%, once you reach the 2-year mark!  
Investment starts from just AED 10,000 and this plan is flexible, plus offers you the security of capital protection**.

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Key features:
Investment opportunities starting from AED 10,000.
Earn profit of up to 6% upon maturity at 2 years (3% p.a.).
Convenient 30-day lock-in period.
The flexibility of early redemption.
Offers you complete capital protection.
Investment certificates can be pledged in favour of selected Islamic Financial Institutions to avail financing.

Go for the boost, go for the 2-Year Booster.

Terms and conditions apply
**Capital Protection as per Fatwa

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