National Bonds Expands “Tejouri” to “Tejouri Al Emarateyat” to Empower Emirati Women with Financial Wellbeing

National Bonds Expands “Tejouri” to “Tejouri Al Emarateyat” to Empower Emirati Women with Financial Wellbeing
Monday, August 22, 2022

Dubai, UAE, 22 August 2022: In line with Emirati Women’s Day, National Bonds, the UAE’s Shari’a-compliant savings and investment company owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai, has launched Tejouri Al Emarateyat – a pioneering investment program tailored exclusively for Emirati women, to enhance financial literacy and build a culture of saving and investment amongst the country’s female population and help safeguard their financial future.

Set to be the first financial institution in the UAE to do so, National Bonds’ Tejouri Al Emarateyat encourages Emirati women to begin investing by offering them optimum flexibility, benefits, solutions, and prizes to make their savings journey seamless and rewarding.

Emirati women who opt for Tejouri Al Emarateyat will have the flexibility to choose from a diverse range of investment programs based on their specific objectives and needs. With every minimum investment of AED 5,000, new savers become eligible for an exclusive pool of prizes and cash rewards with multiplied chances of winning. Additionally, the first 50 customers will receive an AED 100 gift voucher from National Bonds upon opening a new account. Giving an added incentive for early sign-ups in the first three months, five winners will be selected each month to win a 4-gram gold bar from October to December. A grand prize of AED 25,000 will be given to one winner in January 2023.

The program also offers exclusive benefits including more than 12,000 dedicated prizes worth AED 720,000 that are specially designed to appeal to Emirati women. The prize pool includes the highly sought-after Nissan Patrol car, AED 1 million in quarterly draws and a chance to win a Tesla each month.

Several monthly draws are reserved for Tejouri Al Emerateyat savers, making this one of the most rewarding programs for Emirati females. With a savvy digital front to the National Bonds Mobile App and website created for Emirati women, the program is made highly accessible and easy-to-use.

Commenting on the launch of the bespoke investment program, Rehab Lootah, Deputy Group CEO of National Bonds, said: “Women make the heart of a financially resilient society as they think and plan not just for themselves, but for their children and wider family as well. At National Bonds, our aim is to empower the women of this country to become financially independent by investing their money in ways that prioritizes their needs and gives them high returns, flexibility, and benefits. Tejouri Al Emarateyat has been specifically designed based on in-depth research that led us to better understand the key drivers for investing among Emirati women and the challenges they face when considering investing.”

Based on insights gathered from a survey carried out by National Bonds to learn about the current investment habits among Emirati women, a little more than half of the Emirati female population (52.5%) do not currently invest their money in any form. Meanwhile, a majority of the women also indicate a high desire to invest, noting ‘saving for the future’ as the top reason to invest.

According to the survey, among those who are currently investing, the majority (55%) are employees working within government and private sector companies in the UAE, and 23% are homemakers, indicating that the women who are employees are also more likely to save. It is encouraging to note that among those currently investing, 10% are students.

The study reveals that a whopping 30% of the women have no savings plan and simply save at home, and only 10% of Emirati women are investing with a dedicated investment firm that tailors their savings based on their needs and gives competitive  returns on their investments[MQAA1] . Interestingly,

39% of the respondents, who are not saving said that the key motivator for them to invest would be high return on investment, while 25% are driven by cash incentives, 18% by gold, and 7% by the chance to win and gift vouchers.

Identifying these key drivers that encourage Emirati women to invest, National Bonds designed Tejouri Al Emarateyat as a custom-made solution to promote a habit of saving among women while specifically meeting the needs of local women and filling any perceived gaps to help kickstart their savings journey.

Rehab Lootah added: "The research we carried out sheds light on many important factors that come in the way of saving among women - Focusing on these needs, the exclusive investment program for Emirati women ensures there is high level of flexibility for them to save for their own and their children’s future and education.”

Tejouri Al Emarateyat aims to provide Emirati women with the best saving solutions and spread awareness among them about the importance of financial planning and make their saving journey easier and more enjoyable, which contributes to supporting the country's economic growth by enabling women to save and reach financial independence.

For more information on Tejouri Al Emarateyat, please visit  or call 600522279. Home Sign Up service will be offered to VIP customers saving AED 100,000 and above.