New arrivals, bright beginnings

New arrivals, bright beginnings
Monday, February 1, 2021

National Bonds offers millions and millions of cash prizes and chances to be a winner

Launched on January 4 this year and continuing till April 29, the 2021 Multiplier from National Bonds presents exciting wins for savers, as do its regular monthly draws, with the inspiring Tesla Model X, 5 Tesla Model 3 cars, as well as the all-new Nissan Patrol up for grabs. Besides, earlier in the month on April 4, National Bonds will stage the millionaire draw with two new millionaires to be announced and thousands of cash prizes waiting to be won.

New Beginning. New Multiplier.

Lucky winners of the last Multiplier campaign from National Bonds have also been announced and it’s looking like a fantastic start to the year for all winners.

As the biggest and richest pool of rewards in the brand’s history of draws, the National Bonds Multiplier campaign gave away prizes such as the all-new 2021 Mercedes S500, won by Emirati national, Noura Alkaabi, and the all-new BMW The 4, won by Salim Kashoob.

Noura, of course is ecstatic on the win. When contacted, she said, “I have won small sums with National Bonds in the past but never something as significant as an expensive luxury car. The win came as a pleasant surprise for me and the family as we moved into the New Year,” says the Emirati housewife.

Indian expat, Santosh Iyer won the Tesla Model 3 during the current draw, while Pakistani national, Subhan A. Z. walked away with the Dh1 million cash prize and Ahmed. A.A, a UAE National with another Dh1 million.

Trustworthy savings partner

It was a pleasant surprise for Santosh when he learnt he had won the Tesla 3, and doubly rewarding considering the Indian expat, a lawyer by profession, never joined the National Bonds’ Multiplier campaign with the intention of winning any significant rewards. “I joined the campaign last year because of the volatile market and the havoc that the pandemic caused across industries. I just needed a place to park my money knowing fully well that it would be safe and the returns, though nominal would be steady, helping me build a nest egg for my son as he grows up,” says Santosh.

To believe or not to believe

The millionaire winners are of course, ecstatic, and for Subhan, his current win makes for a story unto itself. “It was January 3 and I had received news that a few of my colleagues had been diagnosed with Covid. This is when I received a call from this gentleman from National Bonds.” It was none other than Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, the Group CEO of National Bonds, who had personally called to congratulate Subhan on winning the Dh1 million cash prize.

Subhan is invested with National Bonds for the long term. A maintenance engineer by profession, the 30-year-old Pakistani national and winner of the Dh1 million cash prize has been investing in National Bonds since 2008, when he was just 17. “I was still studying then,” recollects Subhan when contacted, “and I remember getting all this money as gifts during Eid. I managed to collect Dh7,000 and was thinking about what to do with my savings. I had heard about National Bonds and their investment programmes and knowing it to be a government initiative I had full faith in the brand and after consulting with my parents, I decided to put my money into one of their programmes. The investments have helped me reap steady returns since.”

Subhan is pleased that the trust and faith he placed in National Bonds finally paid off. “I would recommend National Bonds to all those who are interested in building upon a culture of savings here in the UAE, I have immense trust in this brand and my faith in them has been reciprocated.”