Mission to delight puts a smile on National Bonds’ customers’ faces

Mission to delight puts a smile on National Bonds’ customers’ faces
Sunday, February 21, 2021

22nd February 2021: In its continuous endeavor to impress its customers, National Bonds embarked on a mission of hope recently, aligning with the historic UAE Mars Mission through its unique Mars Mission Surprise & Delight campaign.

The arrival of the UAE Hope probe on the Red Planet on February 9 signalled a new era in space exploration, while continuing the UAE space saga championed in 2019 by launching the first Emirati astronaut to the International Space Station.

Back on Earth, National Bonds hopes to continue its own mission to surprise and delight value customers through its annual campaigns and initiatives that aim to popularise a culture of savings among UAE citizens.

In keeping with this creed, National Bonds presented gift vouchers (Bonds) ranging between Dh250 and Dh500 to new customers who chose to invest in one of the brand’s investment instruments on February 9, the day the UAE Hope Probe reached Mars. The initiative also included existing customers of National Bonds who coincidentally transacted on July 20, the day the Hope Mission was launched from Earth, as well as those who conducted transactions between 7pm and 8pm on February 9, the scheduled time of arrival of the Hope probe on Mars.

The surprise gift voucher was complemented with a specially segmented message from the National Bonds Team that informed value customers of the idea behind the initiative and the relevance of the historic UAE Hope Mission to Mars.

“In its mission to put a smile on the faces of its Value Customers, it has been the constant endeavor at National Bonds to come up with unique and innovative initiatives that also promote a culture of savings among citizens and residents of the UAE,” says Marwan El Halabi, Group Executive Director – Brand & Customer Engagement, National Bonds. “The National Bonds Mars Mission Surprise & Delight initiative is part of this story of success, growth, and Hope.”