National Bonds launches gender diversity initiative to celebrate Emirati Women’ Day

National Bonds launches gender diversity initiative to celebrate Emirati Women’ Day
Monday, August 27, 2018

Dubai, UAE; 28 August 2018: Leading UAE investment company National Bonds has today reaffirmed its commitment to gender diversity by pledging to increase the number of female employees in the organization by 2021.

Women already form 30 percent of the workforce, but National Bonds aims to increase the number of female employees in its organization by refocusing its efforts on hiring and retaining female, particularly local, talent.

Aligned with the Government’s vision to become a leading example of gender diversity globally, National Bonds is putting its vision in action on Emirati Women’s Day and is calling on other UAE organizations to do the same.

Commenting on the announcement, Mohammed Qasim Al Ali said:

“In 2015, the Government launched the UAE Gender Balance Council to ensure the emirates becomes a leading example of gender diversity globally. On Emirati Women’s Day - a day we celebrate the role Emirati women have played in the success of our country - we announce our contribution to the advancement of women in the UAE.

Our focus in the coming years will be on driving female recruitment and retention across all areas of our business. Women of the UAE have played an important role in our country’s history and we must empower women to have an even greater role in shaping our future. By increasing gender diversity, we seek to grow the female talent pool and kick-start the career of many Emirati and expat women.”

As part of its commitment to supporting the Government’s Vision 2021, National Bonds is also raising awareness of financial planning and responsibility among Emirati Women.

“Our purpose is to increase financial literacy rates across the emirates by encouraging residents to adopt healthy saving habits. In 2018, we witnessed a positive shift in the number of female savers which increased 6 percent on last year. The total amount of investment and saving by women has surpassed 1.8 billion dirhams, of which 573 million is attributed to Sukuk holders. The growth in the number of Emirati female savers is a positive step, not only in recognizing their responsibility to build a stable future for themselves, but also their families and society at large,” Al Ali added”

National Bonds celebrated Emirati Women’s Day by announcing the winners to a nationwide competition offering three lucky Emirati women the chance to win 10,000 AED each. The winners were announced on 3rd of September 2018..