Continuous change to serve your better

Continuous change to serve your better
Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Continuous change to serve your better

Servicing you better is always our priority. With this aim, we have revised our Terms and Conditions relating to the Residue Profit accrued in your account.

Residue Profit is the profit amount less than AED 100 that is accrued in your account. As part of the change in our Terms and Conditions, you can now convert your Residue Profit to Bonds by topping it up to AED 100. Allowing your Residue Profit to earn you more profit and more draw chances to win great prizes.

You have till 21/08/2015 to top it up to AED 100 in order for additional bonds to be issued. You may also withdraw the Residue Profit amount during this period. Charges of AED 15 will be deducted from Residue Profit amount in case of withdrawal.

If no action is taken, you will be considered waiving your right to this amount and granting National Bonds Corporation (Mudareb) the authority to transfer the amount to the benefit of the Mudaraba Portfolio. You can visit below listed Al Ansari Exchange Branches to top up or withdraw your current Residue Profit

Change too serve better

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