Employee Savings Program

Employee Savings Program

Are you an organisation that is keen to create a better working environment and enhanced productivity for employees?

According to extensive research, an exceptional salary or corporate perks are not the answer. The most crucial factor that has direct correlation with employee satisfaction is what the company does to improve their future financial stability.

That’s where our Employee Savings Program comes in. With this product, you can motivate your employees to save an amount of their preference on a monthly basis in the form of bonds. The savings are deducted from the employees’ bank accounts upon salary transfer and they will be issued with a savings certificate.

Employer benefits

With the Employee Savings Program, you can expect your organisation to observe:

  1. Improved employee welfare
  2. Better employee retention
  3. Increase team loyalty
  4. Becoming a preferred employer
  5. Enhanced productivity
  6. Improved employee-employer interaction

These changes will come as your employees feel more financially secure as they have:

  1. Increased wealth due to saving regularly
  2. An availability of liquid cash that is readily available for emergency spending
  3. An assurance that their wealth is being managed in an ethical and socially responsible manner

Do you ever budget for a future that is likely to be affected by higher costs of living? Are you willing to become financially dependent on loans and credit cards to support your lifestyle or would you opt for an alternative?

With the Employee Savings Program, you can start your savings journey to a more secure financial future with the support of your employer.

Each month, you can set aside a preferred amount to go into your National Bonds account, which will not only provide you with funds in the future but allow you to win today with our rewards program on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Employee benefits

As an employee who signs up for this program, you can expect to:

  1. Enjoy the benefits of low-risk investment that is Shari’a compliant
  2. Create wealth by saving regularly
  3. Have access to money that is readily available in case of emergencies
  4. Enter a draw to win prizes up to AED 1 million
  5. Entry into an exclusive draw* for Regular Savers in the reward categories of AED 5,000, AED 500 and AED 50, with a total of 69,240 prizes.
  6. Avail of regular offers and promotions
  7. Have the support of a dedicated Relationship Manager
  8. Enter a special draw of AED 10,000 for 15 regular savers