How would you like to be the kind of corporation that not only claims to put their employees best interest at heart but proves it?

Working with the Dubai Government, we have identified a growing need to raise awareness about the benefits of saving while providing assistance with personal finance management. This led us to create the Idikhari Program for Dubai Government employees.

When you sign up with the program, employees at your organisation will have the chance to increase their knowledge of how to save and why it would be useful to The program supports employees with:

  1. Providing an easy solution for employees to start their journey towards financial health and peace of mind
  2. Allowing employees to allocate an amount of their salary to be saved directly into their National Bonds account
  3. Keeping track of all their savings by creating a savings certificate each month
  4. Providing additional benefits to encourage them to save; these include annual returns and chances to win with our Rewards Programme

If you choose to sign up with our program, Idikhari will benefit your employees by:

  1. Increasing their wealth via regular and timely savings
  2. Providing a backup plan in case they need urgent money for emergencies or sudden expenses
  3. Managing their wealth in an ethical and socially responsible manner
  4. Encouraging them with a safe and low risk investment
  5. Providing a competitive rate of return in the market
  6. Offering flexible saving options of prescribing to either a 12, 24 or 36 month plan
  7. Entry into exclusive draws with prizes of AED 5,000, AED 500 and AED 50.