Mr. Hani Hussein

Mr. Hani Hussein

Group Chief Operating Officer

Core Responsibilities: 
IT and Operations 


Hani Hussein serves as the Group Chief Operating Officer at National Bonds Corporation. In his role, he oversees the development and execution of National Bonds' operational model. Responsible for aligning the company’s growth strategy, vision and long term objectives. He provides direction on cost control, security compliance and IT portfolio management.

Hussein holds more than 23 years’ experience in IT and operational strategic policy formulation which he gained from working with international and home-grown financial institutions across the UAE, Qatar and Jordan. Hani has extensive experience in financial transition including; settlements, recon, and payments. In addition, building viable operating models, hands on digital transformation, OMNI channel and agility. Prior to joining National Bonds Corporation, Hani held a variety of senior executive positions at Doha Insurance Company and Al-Ahli Bank of Qatar.

Hani Hussein has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University in the United States.  Hussein is part of the Jordan Engineers Association (a part of the Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia). He serves as a faculty member at Princess Soumaya University in Jordan teaching computer science, engineering logic and technical lab. Hussein is also involved with the following organisations:  JICA, US Agency for International Development (USAID), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Royal Scientific Society in Jordan.

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