You chose an automated payment for your electricity; Phone; TV and road toll bills. But, have you ever thought about the importance of regular saving? 

Join “myPlan” service to make sure you are paying yourself first. You decide on how much you want to save, for how long do you want to commit on this plan and on what date you wish the funds to be transferred. 

With the "myPlan "you can set up a Direct Debit instruction from your bank to transfer your preferred amount into your National Bonds account on a monthly basis. You can do this with three (3) simple steps.

  • Decide on your payment amount and total planned payments.
  • Complete the Direct Debit Form
  • Submit the form by calling 600 522279 or your Relationship Manager to arrange for collection.

The Monthly Saver Plan is now available on 3 different plans, 12 monthly payments (minimum), 24 monthly payments and 36 monthly payments. 

Not only are you saving for your future in a hassle free manner, you will also get more chances on all draws as well as qualify for prizes dedicated only for regular Savers. 

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