Saving Bonds

What is the Saving Bonds?

It is a Shari'a compliant Savings Scheme that gives you flexibility, profits and rewards. National Bonds brings you a saving option convenient to your goals and lifestyle. Saving Certificates are easy to purchase and extremely affordable. You can purchase them in units of AED 10 with a minimum purchase requirement being AED 100. With National Bonds you not only save but also receive healthy yearly profits and the chances to win any of 480,260 rewards in a year.


* Paid from the Mudareb's own funds.
*At the sole discretion of the Mudareb and from its own funds. Mudareb shall not be liable except in case of negligence or misconduct.

How can I apply for the Dirham Savings Scheme?

Visit any of the nearly 709 outlets, including the Emirates Post offices, leading exchange houses and banks to become part of the National Bonds family. You can also purchase Saving Certificates online click here or via our number 600 522279, by calling our direct sales team or visiting National Bonds office.

Overseas Customers can buy National Bonds certificates online through our website click here or via calling our international number +971 4 384 8000.

Who can buy the Dirham Savings Scheme?

UAE residents as well as non-residents are eligible for the purchase of the Saving Certificate. The minimum age requirement to purchase the Saving Certificate is 21 years, unless purchased by a father/legal guardian on behalf of a minor.

What identification do I need to apply for the Dirham Savings Scheme?

1- UAE resident: You will be required to present a True Copy of your valid Passport along with the Visa Page or Emirates ID. Where the application is for a minor, identification for both the minor and the father/legal guardian will have to be provided.
2- Visitors and non UAE resident: You must provide a True Copy of your Passport with the Visit Visa Page / Entry Stamp. Where the application is for a minor, identification for both the minor and the father/legal guardian will have to be provided.

If you are not a UAE resident (International customer) for full details please click here.

How many Saving Certificates can I buy?

You can purchase as many Saving Certificates as you wish. There is no maximum limit on how much you can purchase. However, the minimum required purchase with National Bonds is AED 100 (10 units of AED 10).

How and where can I collect my profits?

Profits earned on Savings Bonds are distributed in the shape of issuing additional Saving Bonds. Additional Saving Bonds are only issued if the total amount of profits earned by the Bondholder is AED 100 or more, and are only issued in multiples of AED 10. When the amount of earned profits is less than AED 100 or the amount is not in multiples of AED10, the amount or the remaining amount is called Residue Profit.

The Residue Profit will be available to the Bondholder during each calendar year. During which the Bondholder can top up the amount to reach AED 100 and convert it into Saving Bonds or withdraw the amount. If no action is taken during the annual grace period, the Bondholder will be considered to waive his/her right to the Residue Profit and subsequently granting the Company the authority to transfer the amount to the benefit of the joint investment pool at the end of each calendar year.

Is everyone eligible for the profit distribution?

Each Saving Bond is entitled to a pro rata share of the distributable profits for a calendar year. The pro rata share of profit is based on weights determined in accordance with the next question below from the date of issuance.

Do I have to complete one financial year to be eligible to receive the profits?

No. The profits will be distributed according to the number of Saving Certificates and for the time period.

In case the Saving Bonds are redeemed during a calendar year, the weight of the Saving Bonds redeemed before completing a holding period of 90 days is 40%, while the weight is 60% for Saving Bonds redeemed after completing a holding period of 90 days and before completing 180 days, whereas the weight is 80% for Saving Bonds redeemed after completing 180 days and before completing 360 days, and finally the weight is 100% for Saving Bonds redeemed after completing 360 days.

Can I receive my profits at any time of the year?

The profits are distributed within the first quarter of the year, post the completion of the previous financial year ( Jan - Dec ).

How do I redeem my Saving Certificates?

For redemptions AED 10,000 and above, customers can call 600 522279 for a seamless service. For redemptions of AED 10,000 and below you can get instant cash by visiting selected branches from our distribution network.

Non UAE residents can submit the redemption form via calling Tel: +971 4 384 8000.

Is there a minimum holding period before I can redeem my Saving Certificates?

For cash/cheque purchases, Saving Certificates must be held for a minimum period of 30 days from the date of issuance before they can be redeemed.

For credit card purchases, there is a lock-in period of 90 days.

Can I make a partial redemption?

Yes. You can redeem your Saving Certificate partially and your new Saving Certificate will be issued for the balance held with National Bonds Corporation PJSC.

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