Idikhari Program for Dubai Government Employees

A disciplined and effective approach towards savings is the only way to take control of one's spending before spending takes full control.

National Bonds and Dubai Government have identified and recognized this growing need for both companies and employees and accordingly launched the Shari'a Compliant “Idikhari” Savings program with a concrete vision to provide an easy solution to empower employers to raise awareness about the benefits of savings and offer personal finance management assistance.

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This service plays a major role in enabling Dubai Government employees to start their journey to financial health and peace of mind.

We believe that saving provides financial stability and peace of mind. In order to encourage your employees to adopt a more responsible financial approach, we designed Idikhari which allows you to allocate a specific amount which will be deducted from your salary and saved directly in your National Bonds account. We will then issue a corresponding savings certificate.

When you save an amount each month, you wouldn’t only be benefiting from your savings but you will also be able to take advantage of lucrative annual returns as well as double your opportunities to win in our Rewards Program.

The benefits of the Idikhari Program are:


  • Creating wealth via regular and timely savings.
  • Having money aside that is liquid and ready to use in case of emergency or sudden expenses.
  • A sharia compliant investment, managed in an ethical and socially responsible manner.
  • Safe, low risk investment.
  • Competitive rate of return in the market for similar financial product.
  • Grand prize of AED 2 Million every Quarter, 1 for UAE National and 1 for Expat.
  • Option to join for 12, 24 or 36 monthly payment plan.
  • All Idikhari Program linked bonds will get chances in all the monthly draws as well as the Quarterly Grand Draw.
  • Special Draw of AED 10,000.